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When it comes to living in Portland, wet weather is a given- and your basement (and home) can pay the price. Months of rain and soggy soil can force water through porous, cracked basement walls.

The result? A damp, moldy, and wet basement that can result in serious structural damage to your home and foundation.

Our trained technicians and contractors have been providing basement waterproofing services in Portland, Oregon since 2006. Whether your basement is leaking, suffering from structural problems, or you’re looking to remodel your home, we can help.


Be On The Lookout For…

  • Discolored patches of carpet or walls
  • Finished walls that are bubbling or peeling
  • Warped baseboards
  • Musty or mildew smells

See something you’re worried about? Call Rock Solid today at (503) 245-3313. We’ll get to the root of the problem.


Our Basement Waterproofing Process

When working to waterproof your Portland basement, we:

  1. Inspect your basement for leaks and possible sources of unwanted water and moisture.
  2. Remove drywall, studs, and trim, as well as a 1-foot wide concrete strip around the outside walls.
  3. Excavate a sloped trench leading down to the sump basin.
  4. Install the pump and discharge line and a perforated drain pipe as part of our active waterproofing system.
  5. Cover the pipe with 1” of drain rock to maximize water flow.
  6. Install a Drainage Mat to direct any water entry down into the pipe system and provide a complete vapor barrier.
  7. Replace the concrete floor. Your basement will look better than ever before!


The Rock Solid Basement Difference: Active Drainage & Waterproofing

Other Portland basement waterproofing companies might focus on only the water they see. We dig deeper (literally) and install active drainage systems that keep water from getting near your basement.

What is active waterproofing? Instead of relying on gravity alone to drain water from your basement, our system actively routes water away from your home. Sloped pipes under the floor catch water before it gets up to the floor level and those pipes lead to the sump basin where the pump and discharge pipe direct water far away from your basement and foundation.


Our Team

Rock Solid experienced waterproofing team


The Rock Solid Waterproofing team includes experienced, full-service contractors. We can handle all the work in-house (no subcontractors needed!), resulting in faster work and better results for you.

We started our waterproofing business after our own basement flooded in 2005. We used what we learned from decades in the construction industry to create the best basement waterproofing service in Portland!

— Ken, founder of Rock Solid Waterproofing.


More Portland, OR Waterproofing Services

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5-Star Waterproofing Service

“We were very pleased to have our basement problem taken care of in a timely manner. The guys at Rock Solid did a great job of communicating  with us!”

R. Bonnah – Portland, OR.


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