The Problem:

The existing asphalt-based roof was deteriorated and had a few small leaks.  It was close to a major failure and needed to be replaced.

before waterproofing roof and fixing leaks Before
during roof waterproofing During
after waterproofing the roof and fixing leaks After

The Outcome:

The new roof was applied as follows:

  1. Pressure wash and clean the existing roof.
  2. Repair and seal all cracks over 1/16″.
  3. Apply a primer to maximize adhesion.
  4. Apply an acrylic elastomeric base coat with embedded fabric as the main waterproofing layer.
  5. Apply two top coats for high UV resistance and long-term wear.

The advantage of an acrylic elastomeric system is its ability to easily overlay an existing surface and be readily molded around unusual penetrations and angles.  The roof can be sprayed or rolled on depending on conditions.  Recommended maintenance is an annual pressure washing.  After 20 years, a simple reseal is recommended which consists of a new base coat application without the fabric, and a new top coat.

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