The Problem:

Even though this was a brand-new basement addition to the house and constructed according to current building code, water was leaking from both the cold joint and cracks in the concrete floor. There was simply too much hydrostatic pressure from the exterior hillside soil. This pressure caused standing water underneath the carpet and in the framing of the walls.


The Outcome:

A sump pump was installed along with a new sub-slab drain line around the perimeter of the basement addition foundation. The sump pump discharge was routed out the side of the house and then underground down to the main ditch along the road.  The basement was then able to be refinished to its previous condition with drywall, carpet and wood trim, minus the leaks.

The new drainage system will eliminate this problem from ever reoccurring, and that’s guaranteed.


What Our Customers Had to Say

“We were very pleased to have our problem taken care of in a timely manner and put back almost exactly the way it was before, if not better. The guys at Rock Solid did a great job of communicating any problems they came across, and they were able to finish the project by their estimated completion time.” — R. Bonnah

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