The Problem:

This customer has become very successful and has approximately 28,000 employees in their business.  To house their race car and other exotic vehicles including a couple of Ferraris, they constructed a special shop/garage/RV parking/basketball court in this $1.25 million building.  Rock Solid was selected to install the decorative concrete floor portion of approximately 2900 square feet.

Decorative garage floor sealer Before
Decorative garage floor sealer During

The Outcome:

Due to the hardness of the concrete, numerous passes were needed with the diamond grinder starting with 16-grit, then moving through 18/20-grit, 20/30 grit, 40/60 grit and ending with 60/80 grit.  After cleaning the concrete, a Light Brown stain was applied followed with two coats of a water-based epoxy sealer in semi-gloss finish.

Needless to say, the customers are very happy and love showing it off to their friends.

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