The Problem:

Client bought a dilapidated building in downtown Vancouver with a goal of renovating it into a combination real estate office in front and a photography studio in the back.  The concrete floor was over 50 years old with numerous patches and repairs.  Their goal was a simple clear finish over a level smooth concrete floor.

Evergreen Equity floor before Rock Solid seals and waterproofs it. Before
Evergreen Equity floor During
Rock Solids completed Evergreen equity project. After

The Outcome:

We used a diamond grinder to level and smooth out the existing concrete, filled and patched the major cracks and holes while leaving numerous small holes and thin cracks which the customer wanted as part of the aesthetic appeal.  A clear high gloss two-part polyurethane sealer was used in the front section and a satin/matte finish in the back for the photography area.  The result is a scratch-and-chemical resistant floor with an easy to clean surface.

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