The Problem:

This young couple purchased a flip home a couple of years ago for which the seller had no disclosures regarding water problems.  The seller had completely finished the basement in this older home and the couple fell in love with it.  Not knowing a lot about construction, they were quite surprised when the base boards became discolored and a musty smell became increasingly obvious.  Opening up a couple of test areas revealed multiple leaks in the wall.

Portland Basement Waterproofing Before
Portland Basement Waterproofing Services During
Portland Residential Basement Waterproofing After

The Outcome:

A sump pump was installed along with a new sub-slab drain line around the perimeter of the basement foundation.  The basement was then able to be refinished the same way it was before with drywall, carpet and wood trim, minus the leaks. The new drainage system has given the young owners peace of mind for the future.

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