The Problem:

The suspended concrete parking deck had cracked over time with settling and movement, allowing water to leak through to the steel framing underneath and building up rust.  Water was also pooling in certain areas including the sagging expansion joint across the middle of the parking pad.

cracking and leaking concrete Before
during concrete waterproofing and sealing During
after waterproofing and sealing concrete After

The Outcome:

The repair process included the following steps:

  1. Mechanically cleaning the concrete to remove all buildup and debris.
  2. Sealing all the cracks, expansion joint and four drains.
  3. Re-sloping portions of the deck so water would run to the drains.
  4. Applying a cementitious polymer base coat over a fiberlath mesh.
  5. Applying two more cementitious polymer coats for waterproofing and smoothness.
  6. Applying two coats of urethane sealer for long-term durability and wear.

With normal wear and tear, the new surface only needs to be resealed every 10 years and will last indefinitely.

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