The Problem:

The flat roof over the garage was old and the asphalt tar coating was excessively cracked.  The main leaks were around the interior drain and the perimeter scupper.  However, the roof was getting perilously close to a major failure.

leaking roof before waterproofing Before
during waterproofing and sealing During
after waterproofing and sealing After

The Outcome:

One of the advantages to applying an acrylic elastomeric roof coating is the ability to go over top of the existing coating without adding the expense of removal.  The new coating is thin and lightweight, yet extremely flexible and resistant to tearing or cracking.

The process steps were: 1) pressure wash and clean the existing roof, 2) apply a primer, 3) caulk all major cracks, 4) apply the base coat with the embedded fabric, 5) apply two top coats.

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