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Water in your basement is never a good thing.

Not only can it damage your foundation, but a wet basement can become a breeding ground for potentially dangerous mold. If you have a finished basement, even small amounts of water can rot away all the money and hard work you invested.

Our basement waterproofing services can easily prevent all that.

Here in the Pacific Northwest, areas like Portland, Oregon, and Vancouver, Washington, see some of the highest annual rainfall of anywhere in the country. With all the water that falls on and around your home, it’s important to make sure your basement stays dry.

But don’t trust just any basement waterproofing service to do the job right.


The Rock Solid Basement Waterproofing Difference

Other basement waterproofing services may only focus on keeping out the water you can see. We go all the way and install waterproofing systems that keep water from getting anywhere near the inside of your basement.

We’re a team of experienced, full-service contractors. That means we can handle all the work ourselves (no subcontractors needed!), leading to better and faster results.

Founders of Rock Solid Ken and Linda

“My wife Linda and I were inspired to start our own waterproofing business after our home’s basement flooded in 2005. I used my construction industry experience to create a one-of-a-kind waterproofing process that produces amazing results.”

-Ken, founder of Rock Solid Waterproofing

Active Waterproofing & Drainage

The secret to our basement waterproofing success? Instead of relying on passive waterproofing, our system actively routes water away from your basement and foundation using sloped pipes leading to the sump basin and pump. Then the addition of a dimpled drainage mat directs water where it needs to go– far away from your basement and foundation.

What Causes a Leaky Basement?

The 3 most common causes of basement leaks in the Portland and Vancouver areas are:

  • Porous or cracked concrete walls
  • Poor exterior drainage
  • Saturated soil around the foundation causing excessive hydrostatic pressure

If you’re worried about any of these problems, contact Rock Solid today.

Our Basement Waterproofing Process

1. Inspect – We start by performing a careful and thorough inspection of your basement.

2. Remove – If needed, we’ll remove and replace drywall, studs, and trim. Then we’ll remove a 12″ wide concrete strip along the exterior perimeter walls.

3. Excavate – Then we’ll excavate and slope a trench to the sump basin.

4. Install – Next, we’ll install a sump basin, pump, and discharge line, as well as a 3″ perforated drainpipe in the trench.

5. Cover – We’ll cover the pipe with 1” of washed drain rock to maximize water flow and install a dimpled drainage mat over the rock.

6. Replace – Finally, we’ll replace the concrete floor and your basement will look and smell better than it ever has before.

Identifying Basement Leaks

Pools of standing water are obvious signs of a leak, but there are subtle things to watch for, too:

  • Discolored patches of carpet or walls
  • Finished walls that are bubbling or peeling
  • Warped baseboards
  • Musty or mildew smells

A Quick Sump Pump Test

If you already have a sump pump installed, try this:

  • Pour a 5-gallon bucket of water down the sump well
  • The pump should kick on immediately and clear the water away
  • If it doesn’t, we recommend a quick check-up to see what might be going on below the surface.

5-Star Waterproofing Service

Rock Solid Basement Waterproofing

“We were very pleased to have our basement problem taken care of in a timely manner. The guys at Rock Solid did a great job of communicating  with us!” –R. Bonnah

Featured Case Study

Jackson Basement Leak

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