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Rock Solid is the local expert in both Traffic & Exterior Waterproof Coatings.

Exterior Waterproof Coatings – Rock Solid routinely applies elastomeric sealer, both above and below grade, to all types of commercial buildings in Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington. We use a high-quality acrylic elastomeric sealer that waterproofs a concrete or masonry wall and adds aesthetic value for many years. Only one coat of our exterior waterproof coatings is needed in most cases.  Depending on the quality and porosity of the surface, a second coat of exterior waterproof coatings may be required for effective coverage.

  • The product carries a 5-year guarantee with a life expectancy of 10 years or longer.
  • Regular maintenance simply consists of a light pressure washing as needed to remove accumulated dust and dirt particles.
  • Additional surface preparation may be required depending on conditions.
  • A simple pressure wash and re-coat will renew the guarantee.

Traffic Coatings – Rock Solid offers an extensive line of traffic and pedestrian coatings, sealants, and membranes guaranteed to extend the life and refresh the appearance of parking lots, walkways, corridors, mechanical rooms, and even balconies. Our coatings are nonskid, elastomeric, and waterproof. They not only protect surfaces from heavy vehicular/foot traffic but also provide additional safety when compared to bare surfaces. Our crews are trained and certified in all the preparation and coating products used on site and make a special effort to not intrude or hinder your work environment as much as possible. Traffic coatings are normally offered in the following choices:

  • Extra-Heavy Vehicular Traffic – Epoxy coating in two layers with a highly angular aggregate for long-term wear.
  • Heavy Vehicular Traffic – Two-part urethane coating in two layers with a rounded aggregate for wear.
  • Light Vehicular Traffic – One-part urethane coating in two or three layers with a rounded aggregate for wear.
  • Heavy Pedestrian Traffic – Four layer acrylic-based cementitious coating for both long-term wear and high aesthetic value.
  • Light Pedestrian Traffic – One-part urethane coating in two layers with a rounded aggregate for wear.

The most critical part of any exterior waterproof coatings are the surface preparation.  We don’t take shortcuts.  We do it right all the way.  And you will be very satisfied with our exterior waterproof coatings.

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