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Eliminate & Prevent Hidden Leaks That Can Damage Your Home

Water in your crawl space is never a good thing.

Unfortunately, crawl spaces (especially those with unfinished soil floors) don’t get much attention from homeowners. Most people just don’t enter their crawl spaces that often. This makes a crawl space a place where it’s easy for large and small leaks to “hide.”

Without regular crawl space inspections, any amount of water can do serious damage to your home. 

How Does Water Enter A Crawl Space?

Cracks in the foundation, rusting metal from concrete form anchors, and cold joints where the vertical wall sits on the footer can all allow water to enter and accumulate in your crawl space. Additionally, soil floors found in many crawl spaces can let moisture seep in slowly over time.

Water Damage & Mold

The accumulation of moisture in your crawl space can cause water damage to the structure of your house including the foundation, wood beams, and drywall. In addition, water can lead to the growth of hazardous mold. Once the relative humidity reaches 50% or higher, mold and mildew will grow. Since over half of the air you breathe in your home comes from the crawl space due to the “stack” effect, mold can be a major health hazard for you and your family.

In Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington, mold is a very real and very serious problem.

But there’s good news: With regular inspections and a high-quality crawl space drainage system, you can keep water out of your crawl space.

Our Crawl Space Waterproofing Services

First and foremost, we recommend crawl space inspections every 6 months or so. Any problems should be immediately obvious. When we inspect a crawl space for water damage or accumulation, we look for:

  • Visible mold growth
  • Areas of discoloration
  • Musty, mildew smell
  • Cracks and other noticeable structural changes
  • Standing water

The good news is that if there are signs of water damage or mold in your crawl space, the waterproofing experts at Rock Solid can help!

Installing a crawl space drainage system can be a simple way to ensure that your crawl space will be clean, dry, and mold-free for years to come. At Rock Solid, we’re a team of experienced, full-service contractors. That means we can handle all the work ourselves (no subcontractors needed!). This leads to better and faster results.

Our Trusted, Tested & Proven Crawl Space Drainage Systems

When our experienced crews install a crawl space drainage system, they:

  1. Excavate and slope trenches approximately 6″ to 12″ deep. This allows water to flow freely into the sump basin.
  2. Line the trenches with 75-mil groundscape fabric. This prevents clogging that might otherwise result from soil movement.
  3. Install 3″ perforated PVC pipe in trenches to drain water.
  4. Fill trenches with 1″ washed drain rock. This helps the trenches maintain their shape and allows for unrestricted water flow.
  5. Install a sump basin, pump, and check valve.

What Makes Our Crawl Space Drainage Systems the Best Available?

The difference is in the drain pipe. We focus on the details other waterproofing companies might overlook. In our crawl space drainage systems, the drain pipe is:

Completely Under the Soil

It will drain moisture before the water can wick up through the dirt.

Positively Sloped To The Sump Basin

This ensures active rather than passive drainage.

Solidly Constructed & Installed

Unlike flexible corrugated pipe, our drainage pipes maintain the shape of the slope.

The Secret to Rock Solid’s Success

Rock Solid founders Ken and Linda

“My wife Linda and I were inspired to start our own waterproofing business after our home’s basement flooded in 2005. I used my construction industry experience to create a one-of-a-kind waterproofing process that produces amazing results.”

-Ken, founder of Rock Solid Waterproofing

5-Star Basement & Crawl Space Waterproofing

“We were very pleased to have our basement problem taken care of in a timely manner. The guys at Rock Solid did a great job of communicating  with us!” –R. Bonnah

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