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We love designing and implementing creative solutions to the age-old problem of water penetration.

We like to think that we can tackle just about anything to solve a problem and make it cost-effective to our customers. If you live anywhere in Portland, Oregon or Vancouver, Washington (and surrounding areas) call us up with your waterproofing problem and we bet we can solve it!

Previous Projects include:

  • Hypalon liners for planter boxes over occupied space.  Hypalon is used as a reservoir liner and will last over 30 years underwater.
  • Elevated planter boxes – Waterproofed with a double layer of sealer and embedded cloth for extra tensile strength and protection against cuts and tears.
  • Handicap Bathrooms – seamless waterproof cementitious coating from floor to walls to shower allowing easy cleaning and maintenance with no grout, seams or pores to hold bacteria.
  • Elastomeric roof coatings in unusual construction locations.
  • Exterior crack repair in walls and sidewalks (to protect underground vaults).

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