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You are not the first homeowner to be frustrated with their garage floor. Concrete slabs under garages take a lot of punishment, and yours is no different. Maybe there’s an unsightly oil stain from a leaky car. Maybe there are rusty or discolored spots that could have been caused by any number of issues. Perhaps there’s even a bright red Kool-Aid stain, left by a distracted child. Worst of all, maybe there are cracks that are not only unsightly, but can lead to further structural problems down the road.

How does my garage floor crack?

Your garage floor is part of your home’s foundation and, unfortunately, foundations crack. Sometimes it happens because the ground is too wet; sometimes it happens because the ground is too dry. In the Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington area, it often happens because the moisture in the soil fluctuates wildly between the two extremes throughout the year. On occasion, a foundation can even crack during the original pouring—through no fault of the builder. Concrete can simply be temperamental, and occasionally requires repairing.

We’re here to help

Our trained professionals can patch those cracks and have the whole surface of your garage floor sealed over and waterproofed. With several different surface finishes to choose from, your garage floor will not only look sharp and clean, but it can be the catalyst for using the space for much more than storing your car and tools. Anyone need extra space for a kid’s playroom or man cave?

Concrete floors can be refinished with the following choices:

  • Acid Stain – more vibrant colors, mottled appearance with a highly variegated finish.
  • Fast Stain – flecked appearance in a highly variegated finish.
  • Water-Based Stain – less vibrant, muted, slight color variations.
  • Acrylic Sealer – uniform color. Relatively hard, yet slightly flexible.
  • Standard Epoxy – uniform color. Very hard, durable and chemical resistant.
  • Metallic Epoxy – brilliant metallic effect with a unique flow and color on each floor.
  • Terrazo (light broadcast) or Granite (full broadcast) Epoxy – color chips broadcasted into the liquid epoxy. Variety of colors and combinations available.
  • Quartz Sand Epoxy – uses colored quartz sand in a double-layer broadcast system.

Contact us today to get started improving your garage floor.

Your company far exceeded our expectations and we will definitely continue to call on you for our waterproofing needs.  You really went the extra mile and we appreciate your personal touch.

— Eagle Creek Land & Development | Read More Testimonials

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